Millennium Logo Glove
Your Turnkey Sponsorship Program
Your Turnkey Sponsorship Program

Since 2007 Millennium Logo Glove has helped event planners secure premium golf sponsors.





How much can your tournament make with MLG?

With our "Done For You" MLG Golf Gloves Sponsorship Program all players receive premium custom logo golf gloves and you make thousands of extra dollars for your event. RISK FREE.

Determine your Sponsor's glove costs and your guaranteed profits.

Attract premium sponsors

Connect sponsors with exceptional gifts & interactive experiences

MLG's SPONSORSHIP VAULT has everything you need to find a custom golf glove sponsor, maximize your fundraising profits and add the "WOW” factor that brings sponsors back year after year.

We Connect Sponsors to Golf

  • Sponsors enjoy prominent placement on brand-name quality gloves

  • Players are reminded of your sponsor at every hole on the course

  • Your sponsor’s brand is on players’ hands for 18+ rounds of golf after the event

We Connect Sponsors to People

  • Sponsors personally connect with players during check-in

  • On the spot personalization & sizing makes for great conversation starters

Host your most successful fundraising tourney ever


Secure premium sponsors and guaranteed profits with MLG’s custom golf gloves.


Effortlessly raise thousands of extra dollars for your charity or event.

We provide sample gloves, compelling marketing materials, sponsorship templates and website ads. Everything you need to effortlessly secure a premium glove sponsor.

How do we Maximize Your Fundraising Dollars?

Your Sponsor’s logo is a removable ball marker on the gloves.

No Sizing Hassles. No Over Buying.


Simply pop the magnetic dome into the glove during checkin to brand the hand!


Gloves arrive in specially designed trays labelled by size, hand and gender. This makes it easy for players to get the perfect fit.


We ship you 50% more gloves than required for the tournament, so there are no sizing hassles before or during the event.


You don’t pay for gloves you don’t gift. When the tourney is over, ship us back the unused gloves. No overbuying ever!

It’s really that simple!!

Unlock the Sponsorship Vault for FREE email templates, editable sales materials and fundraising tips.

We make it EASY for you to secure more players, more sponsors and more profits for your tourney.