Millennium Logo Glove

How much can your tournament make with MLG?

Use our calculator to determine your Sponsor's glove package and your potential profits.

For example: Let's say your U.S. Tournament charges players a $150 entry fee and you expect 144 players. Your Glove Sponsorship package would be valued at $3758.40 and your profit would be $1252.80

Calculate your package and profits...


* Our multiplier is based on the entry fee. For example: A higher player fee = A higher valued sponsorship. However, choose the multiplier that's best for your sponsor's budget and your profit goals.



Note: this is a ballpark calculator based on the Turnberry Glove. Substitutions are possible. Contact us for an official quote.

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Peter Ruzyski

The gloves were perfect! The golfers loved them and were happy to receive them. Thank you for making this an easy process and an accessible opportunity for us.

- Heather Rogoff Angstreich, Assistant Director, Development and Community Relations at ACLD, Inc.